Aarhus, Denmark; an unlikely nucleus for modern house music. Yet, with a quick glimpse at the contemporary history of the scene in Aarhus, it is possible to trace the organic emergence of the underground ecology. Drawing from sensibilities of ’90s deep house, there is an undeniably classic vibe in the region’s electronic dialect. Prompted by strings of releases from labels such as Regalbau, a new wave of talent is flourishing.

Asger Brunn Hansen, AKA Forte, is one such artist. Debuting in 2017 with a mini-album on 12recs and then following up with his Away EP on ØEN REC., his experimental re-envisioning of traditional house music places him nicely alongside his regional contemporaries. Intermissions, Forte’s first full-length album, sees him return to ØEN with a conceptual exploration. A symbiosis of headsy melancholia, ethereal interludes and tasteful dancefloor cuts, the album thematically plays with the idea of intermission.

On ‘Kind Eyes’ Hansen gives us an extended interlude of intimate ambience. The track rolls along feeling like a delicate reworking of fragmentary nostalgia, in a way evoking some of the gentlest moments from early Detroit releases. Intelligent and emotional, the richly textured composition is at once both an epiphany and an intermission. 

Intermissions is out June 22nd on ØEN REC. – pre-order here.

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