The infinity pool lies still. Flip flops and sarongs litter the ground and a hammock sways gently in the warm breeze. A solitary macaque can be seen swinging between low-hanging branches, eyeing up the abandoned cocktails before swooping for the nearest glass of sugary, alcoholic nectar. A captivating balearic drift, Fuga Ronto’s ‘Journey Unknown’ will leave you dreaming of tranquil swimming spots, waterfalls and exotic creatures lurking in the undergrowth.

The brainchild of Drumpoet Community’s Ron Shiller and Tobi Schweizer (AKA DJ Foster), Fuga Ronto are all set touch down on the latter’s Phantom Island imprint early next week with a dreamy, dub-infected 12″. The whole thing’s killer, but today we have the distinct pleasure of bringing you our pick of the bunch, where languid guitar floats serenely atop evolving pads and a warm fretless bassline. Playfully joyous whistles call out rhythmically and humid synths shimmer through the palm groves before the introduction of a distant female vocal that lends an almost new age quality.

Invisible Escape is out on September 26th via Phantom Island  – pre-order the vinyl from Piccadilly Records.

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