Aarhus stand up! Local boy C.K of 2 Bit Crew, No Hands and Regelbau fame representing here with a remix of 1996 breakbeat glower, ‘The Boy From West Bronx’ – the Danish collective have been worth watching with a hawkish gaze for a while now, their members reliably  turning out idiosyncratic and knowing cuts which fuse a fathoms-deep MAW bounce with UR sass, then washed thoroughly with a hazy saudade-blush (echoing sensitive Italo house bangers like this). ØEN REC. are putting this out with the original track by Future 3 and versions by Ti (aka DJ Sports, lately also spotted on 12th Isle), Central, and our boy, C.K.

Steeped in Interactive Test (see also Marco’s dream house comps), C.K’s ‘Phase Mix’ is warm and driving, a couple of wanton breaksy snares thrown out in the intro, the light, prismatic mist of the pads singing as they shift, forming over the round, bouncing bass. An agile ascending motif faintly mirrors the lithe, dancing bassline, whistling then chiming high above the bedrock, in sync and slightly out of focus. It’s breezy and synthetic and euphoric, like a 20-year-old memory of a holiday in Ibiza, blasting along bit too fast in a convertible blaring trance remixes of ‘The Whistle Song’ and ‘Can U Feel It’. At times the bassline suggests Omar S’s ‘Thank U…’ and the pads intone ambient trance from the more restrained end of Astralwerks and Irresistible Force. Worth getting into.

The Boy from West Bronx is out June 11th on ØEN REC – pre-order the vinyl here.

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