Move over 3 Chairs, out of the way Harmonia, there’s a new supergroup emerging. The brainchild of Gravity Graffiti boss Riccardo Schirò and label mainstays Yoshinori Hayashi, DB.Source and Zurigo, GG FX makes its debut with a sprawling thirteen-minute composition. Recorded live from Schirò’s studio in Palermo and sharing the 12″ with a solo effort of his own creation, these psilocybin-laced excursions open pathways to transcendental states of consciousness.

Like a gong bath, meditating on the opening sequence is akin to a holistic experience. A soothing plateau of chimes, dulcet tones, cymbal and shaker, gradually unfurling until it’s consumed whole, the encroaching sea of electronics oscillating and swelling until there’s no trace of the preceding elements left. In its wake, a serpentine synth line snakes its way through a forest of mesmerising synthesis and pitter-patter percussion, the canopy growing increasingly dense with every layer introduced. Always fluid and psychedelic in tone and texture, ‘Islands’ is rooted in the traditions of ambient and kosmische experimentalism.

GRA011 is out January 21st on Gravity Graffiti – pre-order the vinyl here.

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