Promising “four flaming tracks by artists they hold dear,” All Naked Records are back after three years in the proverbial wilderness with a brand new 12″. Literally a release of two halves, the likes of Rawmental, CAPTCHA (aka Strip Steve) and Nate Tone have all contributed to proceedings and straight off the so-called ‘Rigologo’ side, we have the pleasure of bringing you Ghost Future’s Chicago-flavoured cut, ‘No More Balls and Chains’.

The self-proclaimed “pre-Apocalyptic pop duo” get things going with a seemingly vocoded titular readout. Intermittently repeated as a refrain for the song’s duration, the phrase acts remains relatively steady amongst the decadent unfolding of musical events. With infectious acid lines and siren-like synths it builds up to an exceedingly heady pinnacle of dance music construction, and some of the tones involved oscillate back and forth like there’s no tomorrow – or, indeed, like the shackles, balls and chains have been well and truly removed altogether.

ANRV001 is out December 9th on All Naked Records – pre-order the vinyl here.

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