Hell Yeah Recordings have taken their first step into reissue territory with a bold effort. Kicking of the  new PERDIO series, label overseer Marco “Pee Doo” Gallerani sought to get the rights for an instrumental version of some buoyant Italo he heard Francesco De Bellis of Edizioni Mondo/Jolly Music playing a few years back. This might have been a long time coming, but patience is a virtue, and it seems theirs has finally paid off.

The track in question, a cover of Alan Sorrenti’s ‘Figli delle Stelle’, was recorded by Giorgia Morandi (not to be confused with the Italian still life painter, Giorgio Morandi) in 1988. But while the vocal-led variation seduces with Morandi’s tender, heartfelt tones, its instrumental shimmers brilliantly; a glissading trip into a neon-hued dreamscape for the starry-eyed. Occupying the B-side, De Bellis gives his own take, implementing a cut and paste approach that yields excellent results. Streaming below, his ‘dub edit’ retains the rousing, emotive feel while ridding itself of the most sugar-coated elements.

Children of The Sky (Figli delle Stelle) April 6th on Hell Yeah Recordings – pre-order direct from the label.

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