Aside from a pair of EPs on Shall Not Fade and Bokhari Records subsidiary, SORN, all of Anatole Baboukhian’s music has been self-released. Serving as the inaugural effort on his Peur Bleue Records imprint in 2012, an eleven-track cassette of brooding electronics and techno heavy with a dystopian fug laid down some sturdy foundations for a label that has since been graced with music by the likes of Nummer and Banlieue Records boss, Benoit B.

Mount Athos is the latest addition to the Peur Bleue back catalogue and a continuation of the sound Baboukhian has been honing under his Gohan alias. It’s also probably the most mature and rounded effort we’ve seen from him. Named after the spiritual capital of the Orthodox Christian world, the gloom of previous Gohan releases remains, but where there was once a palpable sense of of tension and angst, these four tracks go further to explore the amorphous depths of the Londoner’s palette.

While the EP remains shrouded in an eerie atmospheric fog throughout, opener ‘CrackOpolis’ is the closest thing to resembling a dancefloor-friendly cut, or at least one that has seen the rhythm section stripped back to its skeleton. Instead, the dull thud of a kick drum finds itself lost in smoky synth swells and dense clouds of reverb.

Mount Athos is now on Peur Bleue Records – buy the vinyl here.

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