With previous releases on Fasaan Recordings and Music for Dreams, Scandinavian producer Ivar Lantz, AKA Golden Ivy, lays his midas hands on a gilded new project for hometown label, Malmö Inre.

Referencing both a real-life village and an archaic Swedish designation of a hilltop in the title, Lantz invokes a sense of place while recontextualising the location and meaning of Kläppen. Reimagined as “an epic mellow experience for both the body and the mind,” it’s the vessel through which he administers a pastoral vision of beyond.

Up here in the rarefied air, sharing the hilltop with Lantz, the title track exists a wash of theta waves, oscillating among a glow of folk violin and flute. A track just as likely to delight the family as it is enthusiasts of the avant-garde.

Kläppen is out December 20th on Malmö Inre – pre-order here 

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