Super Hexagon were playing electro and booking artists like Helena Hauff on wet midweek nights in Leeds before it was cool (they also booked DMX Krew to play live at the local social club, which is a fun tale for another day). That was 2015, before the advent of their label of the same name. Since then, their devotion to the electro-à-la-Aphex sound has evolved into a broader love of all things high tech, high fidelity and often highly jarring.

Whilst the first four releases were peddled by in-house producer-selectors FFT, AKA Alma Construct and J. Wiltshire, their most recent records have seen them turn to friends Lårry and Aldric for contributions. Their latest offering and first ever compilation release Rondogs Vol. 1 follows suit. If you are into wacky and scary deconstructive club music, you will surely get behind the team assembled here. Familiar nombres such as Christoph de Babalon, J-Shadow and Cocktail Party Effect sit alongside a clutch of fresh faces from little pockets of the globe: ayrtbh from Shanghai, Kingdohm from Minnesota, Kat Nzingha from Philadelphia. Our selection is by another Shanghai-based producer, Gooooose.

‘Ion’ begins like a piece of advert music or an elevator piano album – but as the melody refracts, its synths scream and a soprano choir joins the fray, that world completely crumbles. The finished product effectively takes the piss out of modern classical and easy listening music in the most beautiful and hilarious way. The rest of the compilation is not as explicitly punning as this, but it is spurred along by a wonderful waggishness and filled with brain-melting moments of sound-design trickery. Thank goodness Super Hexagon have let the Rondogs out to play.

Rondogs Vol. 1 is out January 29th on Super Hexagon | Pre-order here

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