Reflecting the tumultuous nature of his hometown, previous efforts from New York-based artist Gut Nose evoke images of steam rising through manholes and skateboards rolling across dirty pavements. Fusing hip hop sensibilities fuelled by his Queens roots with a penchant for noise, the latest recruit for Sydney’s Cult Trip imprint seems to revel in disorder. What else would you expect from a self-described resident of “modern Gotham”?

In a marriage of leaden, monolithic beats and grubby, distorted atmospheres, Gut Nose has assembled a 12-track beat tape, entitled Citadel Supreme. Tracks with titles like ‘Stranger Than You Can Imagine’ and ‘Land Of Corruption’ channel the urban anxiety of New York, but others exude a a sense of optimism, typified by ‘Essential Fantasy’. While dense with smog and static, there’s a certain degree of warmth and light emanating through the track, like dusty rays of sunshine penetrating through the gaps of a venetian blind.

Citadel Supreme is out at the end of April – keep an eye on the Cult Trip Facebook page for further updates.

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