Expanding on a blistering electro track of the same name, Jeroen Warmenhoven AKA DJ Overdose has assumed the alias HAEX-HRLL for a fourth studio album. Arriving on horror disco outlet Giallo Disco Records, Warmenhoven’s Further From The Truth LP explores the intersection where science fiction and horror meet, but the exploratory intrigue of space travel is never too far away.

‘Across Spacebows and Starfalls’ drifts along on stirring synth strings; other electronics ping like sonar fitted for a spacecraft rather than submarine and the sense of loneliness fades away as eddying synths begin to fill the negative space. From the daunting vastness of our universe to a rousing conclusion hinting at something more, it’s the sort of cosmic odyssey Arthur C. Clarke might have enjoyed in another life.

The Further From The Truth LP is out February 3rd on Giallo Disco Records – pre-order the vinyl here.

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