It’s December and, despite vaccine news, the electronic music scene is still releasing Bandcamp compilations in response to lockdown restrictions and the continued closure of clubs. But what else is there to do? We aren’t complaining. This one’s from Chanoirs, an amorphous, anti-disciplinary group holding down a residency at Brussels’ Kiosk Radio while promising “authentic evening entertainment” at their raves. Their Instagram grid confirms this with scores of beautiful, sweaty young figures in a dazzle of stylish colour. Kindly, they use their regular radio slot to give these gorgeous friends and dancefloor acquaintances their first shot at recording/performing on the unes et deuxs.

Collectives like this are the heroes who will give our scene the kiss of life if it ever goes into cardiac arrest. They are reminders of the defiantly democratic nature of DJing and dancing. Electronic music production, too, is kind to dedicated “amateurs” who want to try their hand at making noise (albeit with a smattering of specialist knowledge), which is why it is exciting to hear compilations like this. In contrast to the vibrancy of their party’s personnel, much of the record has a cold touch of black metal about it. There are icy chuggers, steely 130 BPM club bangers and unchained electro beasts, but our selection is by High Digital founder HANAH. Past releases for his on imprint alloy breaks and bass in the most abrasive way possible; here, the Parisian softens his approach slightly, delivering drum and bass in a modernised Metalheadz style.

CHANOIRS // vol.1 is out out December 11th | Pre-order here

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