“Boredom is the dream bird that hatches the egg of experience.” That’s what Walter Benjamin said in praise of a condition that has become familiar to many during lockdown – but one of which we shouldn’t be too quick to let go.

As restrictions ease, many will inevitably return to the “normality” of neo-liberal life, with its endless cycle of work-consumption-burnout-and-back-again. City life does not allow for boredom; it doesn’t let us rest. And in this state “the gift for listening is lost and the community of listeners disappears/” Every so often, we must let this “dream bird” in through our window to perch a while. In its company, we can fully hear its song, and our resonance can take flight.

Household Choirs, compiled by Ears On Earth and the River Yarra-helmed Super Utu imprint, is the latest in a flock of VA releases that have hatched from the nothingness of lockdown. The tracks on this CD represent the hyper-slick stylings of a community who, though they cannot occupy the same space, seem to connect through telepathy. Repeating tropes abound: a-linguistic autotune to chill the spine; new age synths to soothe the senses; squelching basslines to melt your face. Like a gust of fresh air busting open a long-sealed door, this compilation (featuring established names such as Ramzi and Benoit B alongside lesser-known artists from both hemispheres) is truly at electronic music’s avant-garde.

The track we premiere comes courtesy of Neubau co-founder, Heap. Chugging along a mechanical groove,  an ominous voice calls on you to “rethink your reality” while Heap’s epic synth-line soars overhead. Do we dare disturb this universe, the rushed reality of mainstream life? Or do we make space and time for Benjamin’s church of idleness, whose altar from which the “household choir” can sing?

Household Choirs is out July 3rd on Super Utu/Ears On Earth | Pre-order here

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