SZE has taken great strides to establish an identity worlds apart from its beginnings as a subsidiary of London institution, Secretsundaze. Under the tutelage of Luke Hopper, AKA Crooked Finger, it has grown into a reliable source for mutant strains and off-kilter electronics, and wading in a sea of mediocrity, the output always feels remarkably fresh.

Like those who came before, debutants Hi & Saberhägen straddle the line between functional and outlandish on the seventh release with their strange distillation of leftfield dance music. B1 cut ‘Streszed Out’ patches its listeners into an augmented reality, hardwiring eardrums into the mainframe with cybernetic arpeggios and vocoder-heavy vocals. Preferring to go solo under their DJ Küsse and Ami K pseudonyms moving forward, this brotherly duo achieve symbiosis with the machines for an emotional farewell.

The Spice Boys EP is out October 19th on SZE – pre-order direct from the label.

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