Four years since establishing their own Science Fiction Recordings imprint, Matteo Chisari and Mario Resta, the Berlin duo behind Hinode, are gracing Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondant label with four cuts of robust, functional electro. Rounding off Magnetic Fields, the appropriately named ‘Broken Shells’ continues the aural themes explored throughout the EP, building an irresistible rhythm from brittle beginnings and creating an ever-growing sense of disorientation through its various elements. ‘Minimal’ has grown to mean something very specific in techno – whether this is good or bad depends on who you’re asking – but ‘Broken Shells’ is an exercise in minimalism more broadly: through repetition and arrangement, each part of the Hinode’s production becomes something more than itself, perfect for rattling around the walls of your mind or the walls of a club alike.

Magnetic Field is out February 16th on Correspondant – pre-order the vinyl here.

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