A year since last putting his head above the parapet, Notte Brigante founder Julien Viallet, AKA HLM38, reemerges with the new cassette. Spanning 6 tracks – a trio of his own design alongside remixes from UVB76, The Idealist and Lo Kindre – the Lyon-based artist administers trademark dub-not-dub dynamics to varying iterations of psyched-out downtempo.

Alongside dub, ritual and ceremony seem like central themes, and nowhere is this more apparent than the opening cut. ‘Hierophant’ is a tribal dirge best suited to soundtrack the funeral rites of a fallen priest. Air perfumed with the smoke of burning incense, you can picture cloaked figures of some imagined civilisation carrying out centuries-old customs to the cavernous sound.

The Stranger Than Dub EP is out now on Notte Brigante | Pre-order here

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