Musical collaborations are often divisive; sometimes they’re met with the rabid enthusiasm only fans are capable of, and other times, with not a bang, but a whimper, they fade into relative obscurity. This, however, does not apply to Mothership, the new Midnight Shift and Voitax compilation conceived as a conduit for unlikely collaborations between like-minded artists. Florian Kupfer and Innsyter to Don’t DJ and Harmonious Thelonious, the weight of expectation is lifted as featured artists navigate potentially uncertain paths.

If you’ve wondered what splintered, bass-heavy techno might sound if it were the product of a Mexican-British collaboration, look no further. The coming together of two disparate cities, what Bristol’s Hodge and Mexico City’s Nico delivered reveals subtle layers of detail while retaining all the heft of a bass-heavy UK techno mutation.

Mothership is out January 27th on Midnight Shift / Voitax – pre-order here

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