Pine-covered islands, sea foam and stacked Japanese gravestones, the juxtaposition of life and death; an Alien Jams debut for Hoshina Anniversary embraces the naturally occurring and its collision with the man-made. Like vignettes of a larger narrative, Odoriko draws from the outstanding scenic beauty of Japan’s Miyagi prefecture to build a preternatural dreamworld over 7 tracks. Conjured through a combination of traditional Japanese instruments and minimal electronics, the ESP Institute and Safe Trip artist haunts pastoral soundscapes with a spectral presence.

‘Sagarifuji’ is caught in the current of a Shiraishi River tributary, minor in size and in key. Loping rhythms keep amorphous elements in perpetual motion, staccato snare fills forming white water as we run the rapids. Cherry blossom trees bear no flower as icy electronics top branches with frost, a solitary 303 the only trace of warmth to bring about a thaw.

Odoriko is out March 20th on Alien Jams – pre-order here

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