Belgian producer Hybryds is obsessed with rituals. His music is specifically made with them in mind: see ’92s Music For Rituals, ’94s Rhythm of the Ritual, ’95s Ritual of the Rave and so on. Like a cyberpunk wizard, combining the industrial with the magical, he wants to cast a spell over the grim banality of our modern day-to-day rituals, offering an otherworldly alternative.

After 30 years of mysticism his approach is more relevant than ever, and he is being spotlighted in a special retrospective EP for Berlin’s Transmigration label. They have already reissued acid by Susumo Yokota, groove-heavy techno by Downlink and tingling trance by Seofon – all semi-forgotten club cuts from the ’90s. This Hybryds release breaks the mould, having been originally released after the turn of the millennium in 2002 by Antwerp label Spectre.

On the EP, the Belgian negotiates ‘Love’, ‘Pain’, ‘Envy’ and (our selection) ‘Lust’. Much like these traumatic yet titillating emotions, his sound makes you want to jump with glee one moment and curl up in a ball the next. Its cacophonic mix of wailing voices, rugged sub-weight and ravey breaks is gut-wrenching. But you’ll come out the other side happy (or doomed) to endure the ritual again and again.

Lust is out September 29th on Transmigration | Pre-order here

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