Nenad Marković has been releasing experimental electronic music under the alias 33.10.3402 since 2012, making regular appearances on L.I.E.S. and ESP Institute with a uniquely unhinged, abstract take on techno conventions. A debut release on Brutaż sees him adopt a new moniker, ајс дог, or Ice Dog – absolutely appropriate given how chilling the sounds on Babylon Fish are.

If one could encounter occasional moments of blissful warmth in Marković’s previous productions, as Ice Dog they’ve taken us to an aural Arctic with no way in from the cold, no warm embrace for respite, or protection from what beasts lurk beyond. Familiar elements – genre tropes, snippets of vocals, recognisable loops – are submerged in a unforgiving, misty cold. Each track leading further into partly-frozen, noxious sludge, A2’s ‘Biti ovde’  leaves you wading knee-deep in the chug, unsettling and alien in its  unhinged dissonance. Just right for a European winter.

Babylon Fish is out soon on Brutaż.

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