Christening his label Rassvet Records, Pavel Milyakov, AKA Buttechno, set the precedent with music produced in-house; the first release, a 12″ of techno and electro finding balance between functionality and the Russian’s more experimental tendencies, paved the way for what we could expect, while his trance-leaning followup provided a futurist deconstruction of a forward-thinking Russian scene in 2018.

Both those records featured material used in Gosha Rubchinskiy runway shows, positioning the label at the intersection of electronic music and broader counter-culture – it’s a quality synonymous with a community finding new, innovative ways thrive in the face of club closures and draconian government crackdowns. The label remained quiet for the next few months, but set to finish the year strongly, Ihor Okuniev‘s Roots follows hot on the heels of A & B,  where Mirabella Karianova covered old school Russian hip hop under her Shadowax alias.

From pristine ambience to severe, bleak soundscapes, Okuniev seeks to reflect the striking natural beauty and harshness of his homeland’s agricultural heritage. Representing another side to Eastern Europe, one away from the sprawling metropolis, he finds a halcyon moment on B3’s ‘Northward’. Lithe, aerated, but deeply melancholic and reflective, the longest track on the release is reminiscent of Caspar David Friedrich’s Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, suspended in a state of contemplation amongst the haze.

Roots is out December 28th on Rassvet Records.

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