A new addition to the pool of hefty young talent siphoned out of Leeds, Jabes has proven why he’s an artist seriously worth watching once again. With plenty of bite, his new track features alongside the likes of Adam Pits and Coco Bryce in an inaugural all-star compilation courtesy of London rave-meisters, GODDEZZ.

Hot, heavy and mad as a bottle of chips, ‘Roley Poley’ delivers rapid doses of GBH, wounding with intent via a well-thought out, crooked UK style. In the pursuit of this distinct sound, the young talent has clearly soaked influences from the close family network of heavyweights he spends much of his time alongside. Reminiscent of close friends like Happa and 96 Back, you get the impression Roley Poley is just a taste of what Jabes has in the locker.

ON+ON+ON is out April 24th on GODDEZZ | Pre-order here

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