Deepness in dance music is a massive cliché, to the point where anything with a rich bassline and emotive melody can be lazily labelled as such. Rather than sonically, true deepness is often achieved when the music exists on the spiritual plane just as much as the physical. That’s exactly where Mathematics Recordings founder Jamal Moss – a producer best known for his output as Hieroglyphic Being and The Sun God – has done his finest work.

If this improv session with Shabaka Hutchins Sarathy Korwar demonstrates a chameleon-like quality, the former Chi-Town gigolo’s impending release on Midnight Shift draws from the same transdimensional palette as ‘Show Me Love’ or ‘The Disco’s Of Imhotep’. Unlike the tough, dancefloor-ready cuts it’s sandwiched between, A2’s ‘#ICU’ is deeper, more cosmic and nuanced, containing the same magic as The Sun God material at its most psychedelic. Radiant and multi-layered with the lead changing direction at every corner as overdriven bass synth makes way for fluttering keys, Moss’ melodic flourishes are as arresting as ever.

#DontjusttalkaboutitbeAboutIt is out May 28th on Midnight Shift – pre-order direct from the label.

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