Making his debut on the up-and-coming Global Warming Records, Germano-Turkish producer Jascha Hagen unveils an especially vibrant EP, equipped with remixes of the sprawling opener from Dreems and DJ Steef respectively. Multi Culti man Dreems has been delivering visionary electronic productions since his ‘In The Desert’ debut back in 2013, and his contribution to this latest 12″ is certainly no exception.

Pitched as a “crazy trippy reinterpretation for open minded dancefloors,” the Dreems remix of ‘Simple Brain Dance’ accentuates the original’s mind-bending elements to no end. With its stripped-down, lucid use of metallic sounds helping to slowly establish the track’s multi-percussive rhythm, a variety of psychedelic, warping sounds also end up accompanying the lush, spaced out proceedings. Under his guidance, the original is taken to an even further plain of magical splendour.

GW05 is out May 12th on Global Warming Records – pre-order the vinyl and digital here.

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