Zone Disco Autonome co-curators, part-time Synchronisme ou Barbarie rotators and dynamic proliferators of the Bruits de la Passion musical galleon, Aymard and Antonin, AKA Jita Sensation, turn the screws and twist the dials to pulp out a self-released number.

For those not in the channel-hopping-know, the Bruits de la Passion conglomerate flexes a wealth of current and past Parisian pioneers. It boasts alumni and co-conspirators amongst the likes of OKO DJ, Clara! and Sene, all of whom have their fingers in and around the passionate sound-pie. Alongside this bulging crew’s sustained buttressing of the local party scene, Enigma, Aymard’s own expedition into undergrub affairs, sees him plundering the catacombs and hillsides of (anti)rural Paris, sourcing (un)spoilt and undiscovered spots for hand holding, feet tapping and body gurning.

Digi-dub infused with essence of Balearic breeze, ‘Champ Des Idoles’ picks up where this freakout for Association Fatale left off. Seasoned with rich antiphonic psychedelia, the marriage of real-world instrumentation and Y2K dread deconstructs over a span of wistful minutes.

Champ Des Idoles is out September 16th | Pre-order here

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