Paris is truly fertile ground for musical innovation right now, its inhabitants pushing out more quality content by the day. Seemingly contagious, this forward-thinking mindset now brings us a “vee-ay” *(various artists) compilation from Association Fatale, a label affiliated with low-key bubblers and sprawling Parisian collective within the shell of the snail itself, Bruits de la Passion.

Kicking off the collection, BDLP members Jita Sensation treats us to a tripped-out knocker. Like a mangled French machine-boogie cut tossed in a nice freakout-synth sauce, the adventurous ‘Posuere Nec’ again showcases the city’s underground penchant for cheeky experimentation atop a desire to get down. Throw in some thick digital reverb and a house organ bass and you could play this from the Seine to Johannesburg.

L’alarme Fatale is out soon on Association Fatale.

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