Mainlining modular synths directly into the cerebral cortex, kickstarting the subconscious like a cyborg’s boot-up sequence à la Robocop. Your brain a frazzled fractal of what it once was, attempting to make sense of the careful cacophony of oscillating electronics dancing overhead. Is this what binary sounds like? Drowning in a sea of 1s and 0s, brain matter turns to mush as Broberg’s mini-epic slowly unfurls.

Hot on the heels of 303-riddled joint from Jon Doppler, Sweden’s Börft Records have handed out another solo debut, opening their doors to compatriot and modular synth authority, Jonas Broberg. Putting an onus on the heady and immersive, Broberg’s meandering productions mix captivating sound design with well-wrought electroacoustic composition. With high frequency sine waves likely to scare away the faint-hearted, Börft’s experimental UFO Mongo sub-label was undoubtably the ideal destination.

The Splash Mekanik LP is out soon on UFO Mongo – keep an eye on the Börft Facebook page for further updates.

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