Infinite Drift co-founder Jose Fleury puts label curation on hold to team up with some fellow Berlin-menschen. With only a handful of releases to his name, he’s something of an unknown quantity, but a debut for Benoit B‘s Banlieue Records bodes well for more release-related developments in the not-too-distant future.

Considering how reminiscing about clubs and dancefloors seems comparable to distant memories of a bygone era, the electronic music-making trousers, are at present, undeniably different now compared to pre-COVID. Who can accurately say when we’ll dance hand-in-hand to electronic music again? With that in mind, Joe Fleury’s latest concoction is upbeat enough to induce dancefloor dreams, whilst tripped-out and introspective enough to be enjoyed elsewhere.

‘Acacia’ is a juxtaposition of the two. On the parameters of the off-worldly and impossible to describe, its glares at the techno opus, beats and synth work adhering more towards electro, textures capture the melodic richness of early B12 found in seminal albums like Time Tourist. ‘Acacia’ – aptly named after a species of plant known to help with inflammation – offers a certain remedy to any lingering pain found within.

The In Parks EP is out soon on Banlieue Records | Pre-order here

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