We’re not the sort to talk about revivals, but there’s no denying the fact that French club music has been enjoying some increased exposure. There’s no smoke without fire either – but while most have their gaze firmly fixed towards Paris, we’ve been enjoying the output of a burgeoning Lyon scene. You may have seen our recent coverage on residents, PALMA and The Pilotwings, and today we’re premiering a track from a Lyon native, now residing in Germany.

That Place Records is still in its infancy, but it does seem to be maturing quickly under the stewardship of label owner, Juliano. Taking the reigns of the fourth release, the Berlin-based artist is exhibiting a talent for stirring both the mind and the body through his music and ‘Cupid Mess’ is a prime example.

Barely anchored by the marching percussion and unwavering bass synth that drones throughout, the earworm Juno-6 melodies provide the track’s most bewitching moments. Virtually weightless, there’s something profoundly bucolic and emotive about Juliano’s arrangements. It’s almost as they were written to be heard while riding upon the back of a great albatross as it glides across a blue horizon.

This Must Be… is out December 1st on That Place Records – pre-order it here.

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