Chicago’s affinity with hardware-driven dance music dates back to the mid ’80s. Jamie Saunders to Frankie Knuckles and Chip E., producers repurposed undesirable and affordable electronic instruments for the cutting-edge dancefloor creations that would eventually become known as house music. Engendering a sense of ingenuity and fuck-off attitude still felt in 2020, two of Chicago’s modern day vanguard demonstrate how drum machine-powered workouts remain a staple of the local scene.

Enter Mutant Beat Dance member Beau Wanzer and late Chi-Town veteran, Dan Jugle, whose final collaboration ahead of the latter’s untimely passing is set for release on Illinois label, CLEAROld Reliable is the closing chapter of the Juzer story – an anxious suite of cuts at the intersection of noise, techno, house and EBM, the title track sets the tone with a clamorous, 100 BPM beatdown of steel fisted heft and queasy electronics.

Old Reliable is out January 20th on CLEAR Records – pre-order here

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