Unravelled club sounds from NYC, SLINK is the Brooklyn-based party and label from rrao, Enayet, Simisea and K Wata. Their inaugural release, a four-tracker from the inner-sanctum, switched between off-kilter club rhythms and cross-genre mutations, but that was soon followed by an Enayet EP evoked by a trip to their home-city of Dhaka. All fragmented and pressured bass textures and complex rhythm, it proved an indicator of what was to come.

Resident K Wata takes the third release – more club abstraction, suggesting pattern before unfolding into full rhythm. Opener ‘8UP’ brings loud bass stamps and shots of choppy cymbal urged along by the vocal fragment and ebbing/rising tinnitus tension. Dampened digi-chimes and blinking tones like slow, warm, warning lights; skittering snares twisting into gusts of more wrung and charged weight. Somewhere near Hyperdub, or like Hessle releasing Hassell. Pensive rhythms, developed musings and sketches which run the percussive backwards and forwards, layering the textures and tones like dubby experiments in funky.

Elsewhere K Wata is gentle, leaning into pared-down and lithe drum workouts which flex and swell on ‘Your Attitude Not Mine’, and the ‘What Do U Want?’ soft mix. Spiky and pressured spirals on the hard mix.

What Do U Want? is out April 2nd on SLINK | Pre-order here

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