Each Oscillate Tracks release has the unenviable task of crystallising that fleeting nightclub energy onto wax, and the burgeoning party-turned-record label does just that with a third, sparkling offering. All post-peak melancholy and spellbinding synth, it’s testament to the evergreen nature of the city’s legendary nightlife.

Splitting the credits with Oscillate resident Johanna Knuttson is Karen Gwyer, and the pair’s synergy is a delight to hear – where the Swedish producer’s brand of rippling techno is infectious and rhythmically playful, Gwyer’s gives us a lesson in luscious, emotive IDM. It was musical affinity behind the decks at //:about blank that brought these two together and both sides evoke the kind of limitless mental breadth you can only feel on dance floors impervious to the sun’s inevitable rise.

Serving up two tracks a piece, our select is Gwyer’s ‘The Way You Drive’. A timeless Ridge Racer night level with echoes of SW., hollow synths flutter and rapid percussion whips, transfixing listeners in that elusive state of zoned-out focus as the city slides by.

Oscillate Tracks 003 is out August 8th – pre-order here.

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