Incoming on the eponymous label from Milanese multidisciplinary collective CyberspeakKatatonic Silentio‘s Emotional Gun is an example of IDM-charged sonic bricolage. Described by the label as “a sound artist driven by cyberfeminism and queer culture who perfectly express the collective accellerationism,” his cut-up, cerebral braindance is masterfully executed and full of nuance.

Stretched, squeezed and spluttering, ‘Sub Versive’ is a snake in tall grass. Imagine a large boa constrictor curling up behind the seat of a funk drummer mid-flow, twisting around their chest and arms and up towards their neck in a demonic grasp for control. With each squeeze and new twist, the drums kick back with a confident pitter-patter of resistance.

Cold-blooded, slow moving yet incisive, the snake continues in its pursuit – its jaws widening while it listens for the drummer’s final death-rattle. Now subhuman, the track continues to morph and evolve. Bass weight is plucked with elastic abandon to the accompaniment of hard wood knocking against hard wood. The mangroves are calling for their snake to return. Sidewinding through the knot and tangle of broken beats, it plunges head first into darkness with a lateral whip of its tail.

Emotional Gun is out April 4th on Cyberspeak – buy the vinyl here.

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