The sort of thing you’d expect to hear on Night Slugs, Koehler‘s ‘Below Andromeda’ features alongside music from Kerridge, Powell and Grey People on the upcoming StabUdown compilation, Tombstone Trance Vol.1. 

StabUdown founder Jimmy Donadio, AKA Prostitutes, described the track as another “example of [Koehler’s] singular vision of a world where Zelda put out records on Good Looking in 1995.” It clearly isn’t mid-’90s-esque jungle, but with those day-glo synths illuminating like the video game motif indicating you levelled up, we can see where he’s coming from. Instead, what we get is an insistent, mutant take on a dancehall rhythm following a course of anabolic steroids.

Tombstone Trance Vol.1 is out May 3rd on StabUdown Recordings.

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