From delicately twerked dub to intimate studies in rhythmic noiseKonrad Wehrmeister has carved himself a curious niche in the techno landscape. With contrasting releases on label forerunners such as Public Possession and the on-form Ilian Tape Tape, the German artist has built himself a solid platform for future experimentation. Kicking off 2019, Konrad opens his account for newcomers Hundert with Radiation, three tracks for the floor, spanning across lo-fi electro and melodic dub techno.

Our taster is ‘Kitchenblade’ – a proto-electro, break-beaten beast. More club orientated than Konrad’s signature dub style, but still rugged at heart. Roaring from the onset, the percussion clanks into life, ushering in a primordial beat. Rasping hits of metal clang against evasive breaks, tamed by marching rim taps that keep the beast in check. Distorted acid-wobble adds urgency to the rhythm, simmering in the background before bringing things to a nice bubbling boil – Konrad lays down his blade and hits the bell at the pass. Service please.

Radiation is out March 8th on Hundert – pre-order direct from the label.

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