Best known as one third of experimental trio Frak and co-founder of the equally avant-garde Börft Records, Johan Sturesson has well over fifty records to his name. Released under various guises, it’s more than many artists would roll out over the course of several lifetimes. If that wasn’t enough, it has emerged he’d been sitting on even more material dating back to only who knows when.

By far his most prolific solo alias, Struresson has been assuming the name Kord to put out cybernetic electro, shoegazing coldwave and Soviet-era-referencing synth-pop since 1998. Now making his debut for Raw Tools, the Bucharest-based label has managed to get its hands on a batch of previously unreleased Kord productions that have been gathering dust for close to twenty years. Presenting four analogue techno cuts of varying intensities, Drum Effort bears all the hallmarks of a Struresson release: raw, stripped-down hardware jams, B1’s uncompromising ‘Lazer Rex’ probably provides the biggest curveball, laying rugged 808 patterns over a decaying bass throb and seesawing electronics.

Drum Effort is out October 20th on Raw Tools – pre-order the vinyl here.

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