Aided by the sophisticated roster of artists at hand, TigersushiJoakim’s very own bambino of a label celebrates twenty startling years with a very personal party-bag-compilation. In familiar style the end product avoids sounding homogenous, a quality that’s both is woven into the label’s philosophy while binding the compilation together so well.

Tigersushi Demos 200-2020 is exactly what it says it is – a showcase of recorded demos from the last two decades that never quite saw the light of release, for whatever reason. No two tracks run off the same formula here, and props must go to the Tigersushi crew for mashing some tactile indie-pop amongst jingles and chug. Refining and curating something which glints of sentimentality and charm, Joakim captures an essence of the label’s twenty-year-long tenure.

Featured within is the esteemed Frenchman Krikor, who actually released his first collaborative album on the label back in 2009. Biting again with a formidable roller, ‘Le Sacrifice du Goéland’ supposedly soundtracks the sleepless nights leading up to plagued dreams of bird sacrifices Le Havre’s Saint Joseph Church – spooky, eh?  Sitting nicely around the 100bpm mark, the main reference point, and probably the only tangible thing to hold onto during this sludged-out-industrial ascension, is the track’s defining cowbell.

TIGERSUSHI DEMOS 2000​-​2020 is out now | Buy it here

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