Golden Ratio Frequencies returns, bringing a seven-track emotional cleanse from Berlin-based sound and visual artist Kris Vango. Translating to “Earth” in Arabic, Ard is a moving meditation overflowing with themes questioning the cycle of healing, energy systems and our fragile relationship with the planet we live on. Known for fusing dark fragmented elements of techno with ambient optimism, Vango uses this album to reflect the pain and beauty in the world. Swelling and depressing with moods of love, anxiety, sexuality and grounding, each of the seven tracks reflects one of the seven energy chakras, all with their own colours and frequencies.

A celestial communication of choral cries, pure silvery textures and reverberating industrial static, ‘Conscious Dreaming’ is representative of the fifth chakra, the throat. Take some time to listen to the album all the way through whilst focusing on the energy centres of our human existence.

The ARD LP is out soon on Golden Ratio Frequencies.

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