Elena Colombi’s new Osàre! Editions imprint is quickly becoming synonymous with the the sonic landscape of its founder’s new home: Amsterdam. In harmony with other local labels like Knekelhuis and Pinkman, it appears to be spear-heading a renaissance of music of a dystopian-illicit minimal synth, laden with skewed post-punk and EBM attitude.

The handiwork of L.F.T., it won’t come as any surprise to learn that the label returns with a mean-sounding mini-album to tie the knot on its first trilogy of releases. Blood in the Grass sounds like something the late Florian Schneider might have cooked up if he ever went on an extended sabbatical to Cairo.

‘Trapped In The Piramids’ is a standout on the mini-album. Ubiquitous throughout, it cleverly rides off of a Vangelis-like, goosebump-inducing synth line, forever fermenting. Speaking of Vangelis, the track has a particular multifaceted zest that wouldn’t feel out of place paired with the apex of any respectable sci-fi noir number, delivering an expected dose of tension. A seriously interesting offering from the Hamburg-based producer.

Blood in the Grass is out Jun 10th on Osàre! Editions | Pre-order here

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