Canadian dance-tape completionists Isla load up the bathysphere and head south for the summer. Against the perfumed backdrop of flor de maga, Daniel Rincon (AKA NAP and one half of Ambien Baby) and Michael Red (Souns) perform alchemy with skittering robotics, reggaeton metres and dub FX.

‘Wau’ is serpentine and low-slung; an exercise in lickshotted, heads-down asymmetry, the track sways and decays under the oppressive heat of the equatorial sunshine. Vulcanised percs list lazily around the pocket, lending their weight to a propulsive, off-kilter framework. This is the sludge-chug paradigm for more colourful climes, congealed into a sun-baked torpor and ran through with refracted, melodic stabs. Fidgeting undercurrents ripple the gleaming surface; turn heliotropic as they break their ossified chains and evaporate into the aether.

The track buckles under the weight of its rising mercury: delicate rhythms bleed and interbreed chaotically, affecting a beautifully choreographed collapse. In its wake: half-glimpsed imaginings and the bouquet of distant perspiration.

Con Que is out September 27th on Isla – pre-order here.

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