A Paris-based Italian producer with previous releases on Gravity Graffiti and Ninja Tune, Lamusa II is set to make his debut on Hivern Discs sub-label HVNX. With Sulfureo, the Redbull Music Academy alumni and  has served up an eleven-track journey into the more mysterious, dark and hidden recesses of the world.

From gnarled, tumbling percussive sounds, toms, rim taps and clave to an eerie 4 note bassline emerges somewhere from the depths, ‘Radici (Percussive)’ plays like the library soundtrack to an occult ceremony. Ghostly long reverb synth notes, a 16th note hi hat pattern, layered percussion, clattering syndrums and a melange of pitched down field sounds combine, creating a strange visual brew. It shares a similarly doom-laden spirit to the demonic and twisted sound manipulation of Bogdan Drazic’s Giallo Disco releases.

As the track advances, a pitched-down, knotted synth line provides a faintly arabic sounding hook. Eventually a higher pitched vocal chant surfaces – all very hypnotic stuff. Animals, birds and spectral synth flourishes contribute to an overall sense of the ancient and mystic, an intoxicating mix of analogue and digital, live experimentation and programmed sounds. You could easily open up communication channels with the dead to this track, perhaps even cast some necromantic spells.

Sulfureo is out March 29th on HVNX – pre-order direct from the label.

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