Gravity Graffiti straddle the line between esoteric and accessible like few labels can. From the nebulous house of Central and DJ Sports’ Palta & Ti collaboration to more experimental fare courtesy of Yoshinori Hayashi or label founder Riccardo Schirò, the tried and tested formula continues to bear fruit. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in the output of Lamusa II, whose Club Mondo 2000 EP channelled new age ambience into the familiar tropes of house and boogie.

Breathing new life into the Italian tradition of library music, the RBMA alumni’s return to the label takes this to new heights, melding synth experimentalism with techno and musique concrète. Whimsical and cinematic, the opening moments on A1’s ‘Variatio Ad Absurdum’ feel like Lamusa’s setting the scene for an epic martial arts showdown. Gradually, layer by layer, it mutates into something more nuanced and absorbing – whirring electronics begin pervade like cosmic interference, weaving in and out of the dense forest of percussion growing underfoot and the track begins to assume a quality both psychedelic and palatial that proves so engrossing.

Vago Libero is out October 1st on Gravity Graffiti – pre-order the vinyl here.

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