Bursting with raw ideas and caustic charm, Unknown Precept present Tombouctou Crisis, a six-track mini-album courtesy of emergent Parisian producer, Legion 808.

Closing track ‘Por Qué Te Vas’ fires up with a precocious bassline, speeding up and slowing down seemingly at the will of the machine itself, laced with screeching, rasping industrial FX and comically agitated vocals. Googling the meaning of ‘Por que te vas’, it roughly translates as ‘why are you leaving?’. Why indeed.

Things really take off 90 seconds in with erratic kicks and bouncing toms complemented by crunchy overdriven percussion, whilst the lead bassline is subjected to barbarous automation. We’re treated to a brief respite, before the vocals return with added bass stabs, synth work and flanged snare workouts before the final dash to the line. It’s wild stuff. There’s something vaguely Seinfeldian about the bassline patch, not DJ Seinfeld, but rather the Seinfeld theme tune itself. It’s certainly a DIY, tongue-in-cheek and playful take on the current swathe of electro, industrial, EBM material out there and all the better for it.

Tombouctou Crisis is out April 9th on Unknown Precept – pre-order direct from the label.

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