From Berlin via Leipzig, Uncanny Valley alumni Moritz Paul, AKA Leibnz, has released a diverse mixture of highly experimental post-modern electronics since his debut EP in 2013. Sonically, the hundert head honcho sits somewhere in the peripheral spheres of several genres, all of which are layered with an impressive deconstruction of the post-dubstep UK vibe.

The latest outing on Jonas Yamer’s Molten Moods is perhaps his most confident and challenging record to date. Aesthetically speaking, Leibniz sounds at home on Molten Moods – a label which has a leftfield approach to the techno/dub sound. Synthesising the worlds of grime, breakbeat, Midwest trap and techno, the end result has an assured yet playful synergy.

On the record’s closing number, Moritz gives us driven meaningful slabs of future grime. The glitchy texturing and emotional atmospherics give the track a distinctly UK sound – in places it wouldn’t sound out of place on Peverlist’s Livity Sound. With ‘Crash’, Leibniz finds nostalgia through innovation and the results are highly captivating.

Quake is out April 3rd on Molten Moods – pre-order in vinyl and digital formats.

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