Alliance Upholstery is no stranger to the remix. In fact, bar last year’s reissue of Italo classic, ‘Jungle Man’, it has been a significant feature of all its releases to date. With only five to its name and a lengthy gap of three whole years between the first and second, the likes of Moon B, Eddie C and even ghetto house OG Parris Mitchell have served up reinterpretations on the New York label’s various offerings. The latest follows a similar formula as Jex Opolis and remix specialists Whatever/Whatever – AKA Bryan Mette and Justin Strauss – put their own spin on a sweltering jam from Brooklyn-based three-piece, Lemonade.

Infused with a warm coastal breeze and a hint of new age, the playful Balearic house groove solidifies Mette and Strauss’ remix as a late summer hip lubricator, equally appropriate whether the sun is rising or setting. The steel drums of the original have been deemed surplus to requirements, allowing the delay-soaked percussion remaining to inject a bit of extra sleaze – echoing through the arrangement, it’s the perfect accompaniment to the full-bodied, rounded bass tones, ascending arpeggios and additional atmospherics that embellish the track throughout.

Dancer on the Shore is out August 4th on Alliance Upholstery – buy it direct from the label.

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