From the Düsseldorf label that brought you the cheeky yet thoroughly in-demand Check Your Reality 10” and whose website boasts a Netscape widget and a pop-up ad for beer, Candomblé presents the first long-player in their catalogue, courtesy of German production trio Life Style West (stylised as LSW). Deemed and fully-suited under the term “angst-wave,” the eponymous debut is a record of earnest digi/analogue goofs and electro-pop-ish spoken word jams, like some silly but successful lovechild of a Kraftwerk and Jeff Lorber Fusion collaboration birthed in the stock room of a quiet local biergarten.

Opening cut ‘Alarmstufe Rot’ is easily the most face-screwing number of the bunch – we’re immediately made witness to a mad percussion fill boasting timpani and the classic Stravinsky Orchestra Hit in equal measure before mellowing out into a warped flavour of new age ’80s cop-funk á la K. Leimer. Recommended listening for anybody that enjoys watching pirated episodes of Miami Vice with German subtitles on.

Life Style West is out May 3rd on Candomblé – pre-order the vinyl here.

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