Getting a first taste of the intimate festival last year, in true Field Maneuvers fashion I found myself sitting around a fire in the very early hours, chatting to a guy who happened to be playing in the Laser Dome later that day. Leaving little to the imagination, the Laser Dome is exactly what it says: a domed space full of smoke and lasers, the smallest of the three ‘stages’ became home to the more rave-focused bookings on the bill that year.

As promised, I gunned it straight to the front to catch the set and playing alongside his mate as Local Group, the duo took control of the dance with a breaks-fuelled selection that set the pace for the rest of the evening. Counted among its residents alongside illustrious names like Mark Archer and Elena Colombi, the anti-corporate festival has undoubtably made a significant impression. In fact, they’ve named the upcoming release on Ritual Poison after the Laser Dome itself.

Unafraid to mine rave tropes and imbue them with an new shot of vitality and energy, euphoric hardcore piano chords swell, dub sirens echo and acid lines simmer over three notably divergent tracks. A slice of low-slung ragga jungle propelled forward by the insistent earworm bassline and a rapid-fire amen break, today’s premiere captures the essence of golden era rave that’s so central to the Field Maneuvers curation. Take us back, please.

The Laser Dome EP is out October 19th on Ritual Poison – pre-order the vinyl here.

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