International tensions might be high, but the seventh Tram Planet Records release sees hands reach out across the globe. Following on from accomplished cassette releases from Discorporation and Threshold Living, the Nashville-based imprint is backing Russian crew Locked Club off the back of their storming Private Persons release, Forever Punk.

Forthcoming May 5th, the ЛОМАЙ (AKA Lomay) EP consists of four big kicked cuts primed for the wee hours in the warehouse. Between the pulsing EBM of ‘Lomay Lomay’ and plinking synths of ‘Osaka Madness’, which features previous collaborator RLGN, it’s hard to pick a favourite. While a clear aptitude for crafting throbbing basslines to drive things forward represents the common thread linking it all together, it’s also where the similarities end. A bleeping, 303 synth masterpiece, B2’s Acid Supremacy combines a swelling low-end and hardy kick work as post-punk call-and-response vocals cry out atop the mix throughout.

Lomay is out May 5th on Tram Planet Records – pre-order direct from the label.

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