For many, the teaming up of London Modular Alliance and Private Persons is an irresistible combination – think hard-as-nails Russian imprint meets inner-city electronic thugs across a dark and murky slab of black wax. ‘Private K-Hole’ kicks things off in a sinister fashion with a foreboding 2-step rhythm punctuated with antimatter stabs and growling sub bass.

With each toll of the cowbell, ‘Private K-Hole’ gains spikes and the trickle-down hell grows more and more disorientating. The rough and tough tumble of drums relentless while intermittent fizzes of melody pan through the darkness, forming loose shapes and effervescing into the ether. This track moves like a wounded animal, spewing up the walls with a murky ooze. Lick it and see, you might well like it.

Galaxy Exploration is out March 29th on Private Persons – pre-order direct from the label.

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