Fresh heat, a third release on D. Tiffany and Special Guest DJ‘s xpq? imprint promises “[p]layful hi def murk from married outlaws.” Following an effort from Ghostride The Drift – a collaboration between Exael, Huerco S. and Special Guest DJ himself – and a solo 12″ excursion from Exael, Low Budget Aliens step up for a genre-colliding 8-tracker on the fledgling label.

‘Bowsers High Court’ is a fittingly extra-terrestrial and otherworldly venture into the unknown. A schizophrenic, hypnotic earworm that penetrates the psyche, as the loping, deep faded illbient dissipates into the ether, a rapid-fire jungle drum pattern emerging in its wake. Warped FX, smudged electronics and some truly ephemeral samples help build to a crescendo somewhere between breakcore and a chaotic episode of drill ‘n’ bass.

Junk DNA is out May 15th on xpq? | Pre-order here

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